Maximize Your 2015 Benefits

November 29, 2015

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With a standard Medical or Vision insurance plan, your 2015 benefits will be lost on December 31st 2015. Your unused benefits will not roll over into the new year.

Failing to use your insurance benefits is the equivalent of donating money to your insurance provider. You are paying a monthly premium for your vision insurance, so it behooves you to take full advantage of what you’ve worked for. If you don’t, your vision insurance could actually end up costing you more than routine uninsured visits would have cost.

Have you been postponing eye care? When was the last time you had a comprehensive eye exam or contact lens exam? By delaying treatment, you are risking more extensive and expensive treatment down the road.

At Family Eyecare in Linden NJ, we accept all major vision and medical insurance.

Here is the list of the insurance programs we currently participate in. (This list is being constantly updated – please feel free to call and inquire about our current insurance participation list. While we have you on the phone, we can help you figure out how to go about maximizing your 2015 benefits.

Medical insurance that can be used for eye exams:

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Healthcare
Vision insurance that can be used for eye exams:

In most cases, these will cover contact lenses and glasses.

Davis Vision


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